Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Key to Success is to Out-Hustle Everyone

I won't take credit for this quote, but I absolutely believe in it. A friend of mine saw this and sent it to me because the article reminded him of me. What a compliment, right?!

I strive to kick ass no matter where I am and it's usually a positive thing, until I'm on the same playing field as others. At work or in school, people find me as this super threat because I work my butt off and typically, no matter what anyone does or says, I keep at it at a supernova speed. Well, I'm sorry to say, maybe I am a threat. No, I don't have super powers (if I did, I'd want to fly!), I'm not crazy (yet), and no, I don't go all out to throw it in your face. I don't boast about my wins, but I will continue to work hard to reach my next bench mark.

The article sums me up to a T. I will hopefully be "successful" in life because I out-hustle those around me. I'm not the smartest, most cunning, and I certainly am not a master at anything, but I damn sure will put my heart and soul on the line with everything I do. I won't make myself bland and come down to your level to satisfy you and your lack of self-confidence or drive. Bring it on. You won't be the first or last to try to cut me down to make yourself feel better.

I feel a bit contradicting as I say "I'm a bad ass out-hustler" along with "no, I won't throw it in your face." OK OK I see it too, don't worry. The point I'm trying to make is that if you really want to get anywhere in life, you need to go after it at full throttle. If you sit in the land of complacency and coast through life, that's exactly where you're going to stay - in the crowd and lost. At full throttle, you can compensate for your weaknesses by working hard and not losing sight of who you want people to remember.  I'm confident in me and what I'm capable of, as you should be too.

For me, I may out-hustle you and be the first to arrive and the last to leave, but what legacy are you going to leave? I may be extremely intense and take life by the horns, but it's in my DNA. Don't hate on me :)

What you should be focusing on is what "out-hustling" means to you and how you're going to boldly challenge the status quo around you.


  1. LOVE this, G.Ma! You are a bad ass in everything you do! This makes me miss the days when I was lucky enough to be around you everyday, keeping my ass in gear! Love you!!!

    1. GBabe! I love that you read this! I so appreciate your comment and am still so happy to support you during the most beautiful and life changing days of your life yet. What really makes me smile is that I mean so much to you as you have meant to me. I love you so much and miss you!!

  2. Awesome read. Don't be so apologetic about kicking ass though. Effort is one of the only things about ourselves we have full control over.