Saturday, November 16, 2013

Life's New Adventure: Poor-dom

It's been a moment since I've been inspired to blog. That's not true. I'm inspired every day by the people I meet, the things people do for others, and the things I learn. Honestly, I've been a busy gal lately and took a hiatus from writing.

Let's catch up. I've completed my MBA in International Business, moved to San Francisco and moved up to a National Account Manager at Yelp, brought on a new furry family member, been to a few more weddings and will be maid of honor in my sister's (I swear I'm close to 27 Dresses at this point), met some inspiring people both young and old, and traveled all around the world.

I'm now about to embark on a new adventure of poor-dom. I'm moving into the exciting, inspiring, never dull city of San Francisco where rent is half of my monthly pay check. It's unnerving, exciting, scary, and a brand new adventure I can't fully take advantage of quite yet. What I will learn is to be incredibly conscience of money in and out, which I've never worried much about. I wish I had this issue when I was younger so I could keep up with my friends, but that's probably where I get myself in trouble regardless ;) Luckily, most SF people are in the same boat. They've all dealt with it for ages, where I'm a newbie yuppy.

Look forward to blogs coming at you as it's cheap entertainment for me! Boldly challenging status quo!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tough Mudder Symbolizes Life's Adventure

I've been in love with challenge courses, but the ultimate big daddy is Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder, to me, symbolizes life - extreme, full of crazy obstacles, some times you sweat and others you freeze, you may be in over your head and loose your grip, but if you surround yourself with solid-minded, inspirational, entertaining, high-achieving, supportive people, you’ll not only enjoy the journey, but you’ll come out on top. I crave the challenge and I’m not afraid to get dirty. My personality and drive perfectly fits the Tough Mudder Credo and I can't tell you how excited I get when I see a fellow Mudder proudly wearing the TM threads!

I’m currently surrounded by the youthful embrace of individualism and teamwork, a lot like my experience of Tough Mudder. It’s absolutely true that the eclectic and electric environment is a lifestyle. I’ve worked in stuffy environments, and who gets excited to wake up and go to that? I love to work with people who are driven and charismatic that may either love what I love or introduce me to new things. I believe a life surrounded by people who not only challenge you to go outside your comfort zone, but also support your endeavors is essential to a life of fun and fulfillment.

Protecting this type of environment is so important because it allows open minds, creative thinking, and bold moves. Giving people a platform to share ideas and own them, gives them the power to shine, but also helps the company to succeed. Individually, we can achieve what we set our minds to, but with the force of many heads together, a small idea can become reality and beyond. I fully embrace this lifestyle with flare and vigor.

Tough Mudder is my IV, shooting me up with essential elements of excitement, challenges and an exhilarating story to tell.

Live tough by boldly challenging status quo.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Key to Success is to Out-Hustle Everyone

I won't take credit for this quote, but I absolutely believe in it. A friend of mine saw this and sent it to me because the article reminded him of me. What a compliment, right?!

I strive to kick ass no matter where I am and it's usually a positive thing, until I'm on the same playing field as others. At work or in school, people find me as this super threat because I work my butt off and typically, no matter what anyone does or says, I keep at it at a supernova speed. Well, I'm sorry to say, maybe I am a threat. No, I don't have super powers (if I did, I'd want to fly!), I'm not crazy (yet), and no, I don't go all out to throw it in your face. I don't boast about my wins, but I will continue to work hard to reach my next bench mark.

When life gives you lemons, bite ‘em!

When life gives you lemons, bite ‘em and enjoy the sour taste as it drains down your throat. Next time, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it, even though it’ll still be hardcore painful.

Sometimes, the toughest situations that make you grind your teeth and make you want to cry in frustration are typically the ones that shape who you become in life. If you easily stride through life without obstacles, then you aren’t putting yourself out there and you aren’t really living. I’ve found myself in countless situations where there was a solid fork in the road...AND for some reason, I always choose the Amazon jungle. Luckily, I know how to use a machete to get through the toughest of terrain.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Time Spent with Family is the BEST Time Ever

Well overdue too, I have to say the weekend I spent with my cousin, Hailey, was some of the best memories I’ve had in Phoenix yet!

Background: The Crowe family lives on the San Juan Islands in the most Northwest region of the States. My family used to camp there every summer, and when my grandparents lived in Washington, I’d see them a few more times than just Christmas. However, now that we’re all getting older and meeting together only happens once a year in December, it gets tough!

I have said before, family is the BEST gift I could ask for. I know what it’s like for family not to care, spend time with you, and ignore you, so I’ve made it my mission to be a part of my cousins’, Hailey and Bjerre, lives. Hailey is now a whopping 15-year-old and Bjerre is a 4-year-old turning 15 :)

Hails, or more affectionately known as Booger, and I try to stay in touch as much as possible. Facebook, phone calls, texting, you name it! She’s called me when friends are evil to her, she confides in me about her dreams, among other things. I know she looks up to me, which gives me that much more pride and joy to be there for her....and let’s face it, keep myself in line!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finding a Meaningful, Tangible Purpose

How do you find a purpose in things that aren’t tangible? I’ve found that question tough to answer in a career that’s ever-changing. Not only do I not know what I want to do when I grow up, I feel like I can’t find my footing to even propel from.

For me, tangible accomplishments are a big deal. I know I work hard, but typically, I find myself being “too much” that it becomes a negative energy. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to dial down my intensity. I don’t know how to communicate to other people that I’m not out for their positions or jobs. I’m sure the way I attack life is a bit off-putting because I work my butt off for what I want or do. I’m a threat to people who can just casually go about their days. Sadly, I find those kind of people frustrating - so much so that they suck the life out of me!

I think the biggest energy suck is not having a tangible, meaningful purpose or goal. I’ve had to step back and refocus myself - some of it at work, but much of it in my personal life. I’m so much more satisfied overall when I workout in the mornings. Giving myself goals like beating my last half-marathon time, finding human marks on the mountain I’m going to pass, and surrounding myself with other crazy fitness freaks. Since I know that, I’m that much more fulfilled when I stick with at least that.

What Gets You All Jacked Up About Life?

It’s about time. I’ve been in beautiful Arizona for 455 days, or about 15 months. I’ve more or less found my groove with work, love being a student again, and found a bunch of odd things to do around the city (I mean suburbia) of Phoenix. These first few months can be compared to the first year of a relationship: you’re a bit uneasy, posing a little bit to morph to what the other likes, and put on a smile when things bother you after you subtly communicate the issue.

Let’s be real. When do I ever sit in the corner and let life pass before me? Never. Yet, I have morphed a bit to what the majority of people like to do around me. Going out every once in awhile is quite awesome, but when I’m surrounded by people that ONLY do that - I start to get bored. Like I said in my last blog, I’ve identified my missing links. It may sound cliché, but COME ON PEOPLE! We only live once.

What about you? Do you feel fulfilled with the life you’re living? What do you wish you could do, but just don’t? You could be working for a fantastic company you couldn’t even dream of, surrounded by some pretty entertaining people, living a comfortable life.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding Inspiration Again

It’s been awhile and don’t get me wrong - I’ve been inspired, but wow! The year has just blown by. I’ve been through my first year as an MBA student, been at Yelp through the wild ride it’s been, and even spent a month in Europe!

I was on such a high when I came back from Europe. The culture, the history, people, food - the list goes on. I was so inspired by what I saw and learned; I just couldn’t hide it upon return. But then, disaster struck and I dove way down. I was incredibly sad to not be in Europe any more, surrounded by about 50 people from across the world who also decided to take the MBA class like me.

There was no drama. At all! Weird? I thought so too, but we all clicked like we’d known each other for ages. You could morph into any group for meals, trips during the week, or long excursions on the weekends. I couldn’t have planned a more successful trip!

What am I missing here that makes me long for that again, or long for school to start up again? It’s people I’m surrounded with that inspire me, challenge me, and genuinely enjoy similar things as me (well mostly outdoor, crazy things!). Most of my close friends have munchkins, significant others, or partake in activities that are true to my character. Totally not judging and so love everyone of them, but I feel like I’m missing something.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Europe Summer 2012 Photo Book

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